Henwood Award presented to Enduring Energy’s Mark Garner

The National Hydropower Association is pleased to announce E. Mark Garner, Director for Hydropower of Enduring Hydro, was presented with the Dr. Kenneth Henwood Award at a ceremony during the Association’s annual conference today. The Henwood award is given in recognition of a lifetime of achievement and is NHA’s most prestigious honor.

Garner was selected by a committee of his peers in recognition of his dedication to the hydropower resource throughout his career, spanning more than two decades.

“Mark Garner has been an unwavering champion of hydropower throughout his 24 years in the industry. His strategic vision and belief in hydropower’s opportunity have brought tremendous value to the Association,” said Linda Church Ciocci, NHA Executive Director. “He has always recognized the importance of working with policymakers to achieve the growth mission NHA continues to pursue and consistently pushes the industry toward greater political engagement.”

Garner is a registered professional engineer in Pennsylvania. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Lafayette College and a Masters degree in Business Administration from Lehigh University. He joined Voith Hydro in 1988, serving as President & CEO from 2003 until his retirement in 2010. In addition to serving on the NHA Board of Directors, he was a founder and chair of NHA’s CEO Council.

The Dr. Kenneth Henwood Award is the hydropower industry’s most prestigious individual achievement award. NHA established the award in 1990 in memory of Kenneth Henwood, an NHA board member, engineer, and developer who died while working on a project in California. Henwood winners must show persistence in the face of institutional obstacles, exhibit fair dealing and plain speaking, and depict an appreciation of the relationships between project engineering, the environment, and economics.

“In honoring Mark Garner with the Henwood award, the selection committee is recognizing a national leader of the hydropower industry. His determined promotion of hydropower as a valuable and growing resource has benefited all of us,” said Church Ciocci. “On behalf of NHA and the hydro industry, I’d like to congratulate Mark on this award and thank him for his remarkable contributions to the industry.”